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For Payment and Contract related questions, see below.   Feel free to Contact Us if you still have questions that aren't answered here

You may want to check the Availability section to confirm if the cottage is available on the dates you want.  Then use the “Book Now” bubble at the top of any page, fill in your request information and we will respond within 24 hours. There is additional information in the Information section on Reservations

• The cottages are on a Tidal River called River Philip. This means it is ocean water that ‘exits’ the river when the tide goes out and flows back in when the tide comes in.
• River Philip is known for great fishing. There is a boat launch area just down the road if you have watercraft you wish to use. 

Yes! The water is swim-able and it is a very gradual depth, even at high tide. The river bottom is the typical red mud of the local area which is a lot of fun to explore at low tide. There is a small sandy area at our property which is accessible at high or low tide. 

Yes, however, there are no Wi-Fi unlimited plans in this area and the speed is not reliably ‘high speed’, especially when there are multiple devices using it at the same time. We encourage guests to limit the number of devices they bring and disable downloads and updates while at the cottage.  

• There is NO smoking in any building on the premises. This includes vape or other e-cigarette type devices.
• Guests are responsible to contain and appropriately dispose of any butts; littering in the yard / lawn will result in a cleaning fee deducted from your damage deposit. 

• Our housekeeping and property management will be cleaning the cottage and linens when you leave, there is no daily housekeeping service.
• The Cottage must be left in a state of cleanliness and general order; dishes must be washed and put away, furniture and bedding in the appropriate places, floors to be left without excessive dirt/debris, no food left in the fridge, etc.
• Renter(s) are responsible to ensure that all garbage and recycling is removed from the Cottage prior to departure. A $50 fee per bag of refuse will be charged for waste left behind. Details on garbage & recycling collection days and local facilities are posted in the cottage. 

• Yes, each cottage has a campfire area, there is also a beach fire-pit area.  Guests must observe the province's fire ban rules and are responsible for understanding and abiding by any restrictions, we provide the provincial link so guests can check this easily.

• No. There is a vendor in Tatamagouche that rents kayaks by the hour, we provide details in our rental materials. 

• Pets are only permitted on the property of the Grey Cottage and only if they are clearly indicated on the booking application form and approved in advance.
• The number of pets is restricted to two.
• A “Pet Addendum” is required for guests to understand and agree to pet rules.
• The minimum fee, for a two-night rental, is $50 and it is $10/night after the first 2 nights.  The second pet is $50. Full week rentals are a maximum of $100 for the first pet.
• Bringing or allowing an unapproved pet, or having a pet at the Blue Cottage, will result in immediate eviction and result in a non-negotiable penalty fee of a forfeited damage deposit.

In the Information Tab you will find a section that refers to The Area.  In this section you will find a guide we created that describes many places to go and things to do in the local area. 

• Unregistered overnight guests are not permitted. This is strictly enforced.
• Visitors are allowed and they are the responsibility of the Renters however the total number of people on site with Renters and visitors combined must not exceed 10. Visitors may not bring pets. Visitors are asked to leave by 11pm.
• There will be no camping, tenting or auxiliary accommodation on the premises.
• The maximum number of vehicles per cottage is 2, this is including your own vehicle(s) or guests. You may not exceed this number at any time.
• Vehicles may ONLY be parked in the two spots designated for your cottage rental

• The day prior to your arrival you will receive an email that provides you with a door access code to the keypad for your cottage. This code is different for each guest.
• A set of keys is available for you inside the cottage which you can use for the remainder of your stay, if you find that easier to do. 

Please note these are typical times. Guests will be provided with confirmed times in their Rental Agreement.
o Arrival time is 3:00 pm.
o Departure time in the Blue Cottage is 10 am.
o Departure time in the Grey Cottage is 11 am.
• These schedules are strictly enforced as it is essential we allow time for the cottage to be cleaned between guests.
• Covid protocols may require us to adjust these times. Please read your contract carefully to understand the timing for your rental. 

• Your toiletries, food, beach towels and any disposable paper products like toilet paper, paper towel or napkins.
• Bathroom towels, kitchen and bed linens are provided.
• The tap water is directly from a well. The well water was tested by CDHA Environmental Lab in June 2020 and found to meet all standards and a ‘Brita’ jug is also available; however, some guests choose to bring their own drinking water.
• If you are bringing a pet, you must bring your own pet items.
• Look in What's Included for a full list of amenities provided.

No, however we provide directions on where to find nearby vendors. 

• No, for the safety of all guests, and so that we do not disturb neighbours and other guests, fireworks cannot be used on the cottage property at any time.

Contract Related Questions? Look here

Use Contact Us if you still have questions that aren't answered here

• For reservations of 1 week or more a 50% deposit is required. Any remaining payments and a $300 damage deposit is required two weeks prior to the rental period.
• For reservations less than 1 week the full payment is required at the time of booking, a $300 damage deposit is required two weeks prior to the rental period.
• All transactions are by Etransfer 
See the Rates section for more details

• Payments are made by e-transfer 
• Our apologies if you find this inconvenient, however we feel most guests appreciate that we are not raising our prices to cover the additional cost of credit card transactions. 

• The prices quoted are for up-to 7 guests. Children under the age of 2 will not be counted in this total. However, this property is built with families in mind, groups with more than 5 adults are encouraged to seek alternate accommodations.
• The cottages have a master bedroom with a queen bed, a bedroom with a single over single bunk bed and a bedroom with a single over double bunk-bed.
• The Blue Cottage has a trundle bed to be used for a small child only, if additional linens are required a fee of $25 will be charged.
• The Grey Cottage can accommodate 9 people with the use of a sleeper sofa, however, there is an additional fee for more than 7 guests and/or extra linens.
• Only two vehicles per cottage are permitted to park on the property (only in designated spots)

Yes, the Damage Deposit for each cottage rental is $300 and it is paid two weeks prior to your arrival.

The damage deposit may be held up to a 14 days if damage calculations are required, however, it is typically returned within 48 hours of your checkout. 

• If the cancellation is more than 60 days from the beginning of the Cottage occupancy date, all monies will be refunded less an administration fee of $150.00.
• If the cancellation is within 60 days from the beginning of the Cottage occupancy date, all monies will be refunded less an administration fee of $200.00.
• If the cancellation is within 30 days from the beginning of the Cottage occupancy date, 50% of all deposit monies will be refunded less an administration fee of $200.00.
• If the cancellation is within 14 days from the beginning of the Cottage occupancy date, there will be no refund.
• The Covid-19 cancellation policy will provide a full refund if provincially mandated Covid-19 restrictions prevent the Owner from renting the cottage to the Renter; this will not include cancellations due to illness in the Renter’s family, quarantine, self isolation or travel restrictions. 

An accurate guest list must be provided prior to your arrival.  The name, age and relationship to the primary renter must be provided as part of the Rental Agreement.